Hey guys, you know what time it is. Today I'm talking about 'perfection', what it means, what it is and if it even exists. Keep reading!

"She's so perfect." It's a phrase that I'm sure all girls and a lot of guys reading this will have said or heard before. We see "perfection as this ultimate success in life, the thing that defines whether you've made it, how good your life is and how good you look. People constantly lust over having 'perfect' hair, a 'perfect' figure, a 'perfect' life and a 'perfect' goal. But what is perfection, what does it look like? Is it something material that we can buy or find or have? Is it something everyone has? Or something none has? Is it for the elite? The imaginary perhaps? What defines it? And how do we know what perfect actually is? Yesterday i said that I had a perfect day, but what makes a day perfect, why was it perfect? I think it's something that we all need to think about.

If you look up the word perfect in the dictionary it defines it as 'complete and correct in every way, of the best possible kind and without fault.' The way I see it, most people see perfection as something out of reach, in a dream land, that couldn't happen to them. So some people might think the Kardashians are perfect (not my personal opinion) because they live an unrealistic lifestyle that is the extreme of luxury. I think a big group of people see perfection as something un related to their lives that they look up to and aspire too. People think perfection is having the fancy clothes, the big house, luxury holidays and toned body. However should we think of perfection in this formulaic way, with certain factors that equal one answer, 'perfection?'

I think perfection does exist, but not in a physical form. To me perfection is when you are able to achieve all your goals in life, are completely comfortable and confident in yourself, are healthy physically and mentally, and have found peace with yourself and the world. To me these are the most important things. And that;s what perfection is, your ideals and the things that are ultimately most important to you personally. And so surely each person has a different definition of perfection. Everyone has different priorities and some people think certain things are ideal. Some people think having designer clothes is a perfect thing, and the deeper I delve into myself the more I realise that material things like clothes and makeup aren't the most important thing. I haven't bought any clothes in quite a while now because I've been going out and actually doing things with the people I love, and I can tell you now thats a perfect life for me. Yesterday I did have a perfect day because I went out with someone I love so much and we just enjoyed being together and doing different things, and it was so much nicer than just going to the shops and buying a jumper. The things I want now are a lot different to how I would have talked about this a year ago. When you are at peace and surrounded by people you love life can be perfect. And I am a strong believer that imperfection is perfection. Mistakes and bad decisions are sometimes just as perfect as something that went completely right. Missing a train, breaking something or doing something and failing makes life perfect, because a interesting life is a perfect life to me. I would hate to plan my life out to make it someones idea of aesthetic perfection. Because instagram filters and pretty compositions are not real life and they aren't my idea of perfection. I love photography and to me photographs are perfect when they have natural smiles and blurred lines, they show a sense of character and adventure, and my idea of perfection is a journey through life that is completely imperfect and completely natural.

You shouldn't have to try to be perfect, it's good to have goals, but don't set a goal of having a perfect year or a perfect day because the things that turn out to be perfect are the things that are unplanned and messy, at least thats how I see it. If you like things neat and organised and set out for you then go for it and run with it, everyone should have their own source of perfection and be able to enjoy it, but most people don't realise what they really want, they slot into the norms of society and believe what everyone else believe. Be  rebel and find your own perfection in life, you may have already found it without even realising, and if you have, you must be extremely blessed.

Find something perfect or completely ignore the idea, that could be just as perfect to you.
Grace x


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