Best Looks From Couture Fashion Week

Hey everyone,
Today I'm sharing with you my favourite looks from Couture fashion week. This set of shows is always so inspirational and the craftsman ship that goes into it is incredible, so today lets take a look at some of these stunning designs! (All photos courtesy of and not my own, all rights to the magazine and original photographers.)

I love the Indian inspired colours and shapes of this design. I like the modern, less 'princess' like style of couture and adore the layers.

Chanel took a simple approach to couture, focussing on the textures and fabrics, keeping the designs fairly simple and classic to the Chanel heritage.

I loved the modern silhouette and layers of the Dior looks, the off the shoulder neck line and prominent V details are very striking and create a beautifully modes collection. 

The Givenchy looks were beautifully drapes and crafted into slimming silhouettes to make you feel like a goddess, the fabric swished and moved with the models and looks simply luxurious.

The Ellie Saab show was stunning and I would have chosen all the looks if I could, it was definitely my favourite show of the season. The neutral colour palette and exquisite yet wearable couture clothing was victorian inspired and the cuts and shapes of the layered clothing was so interesting, clearly a very well thought out show, each look so different.

This collection from Versace showcased the female body in every way possible, the models glided down the runway looking fierce and embowered. the clothes carefully highlighted the most beautiful parts of female anatomy in beautiful colour and detail.

Viktor and Rolf showcased a show of sculptural beauty, the looks got bigger and bigger as the show went on. This was more of an art exhibition than we able fashion, but extraordinary design and an extremely creative thought process.

Murad showcased a fairytale story in clothes, with delicate gowns fit for princesses, very 'little girls dream.' The sugary pastels and slowing fabric were extreme luxury.

So thats all the looks that I liked the most, these stunning designs must have taken months, I applaud all these incredible designers.
Grace x


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