Having Power Over Yourself

Hey people,
Another discussion today. I was watching a video recently and someone said something about the power things have over us and it made me think, why is this true? Why do things other than ourselves have power over us. I'm not talking figures of authority like the police, teachers, government etc, I'm talking about everyday things such as social media, food, peoples opinions and society.

If you think about it we give power to a lot of different things, like the lost above, and it controls our life. People every day feel like things and people around them have power over them, and subconsciously give into these powers. Many people let opinions and what they believe is normal because of what society tells them dictate what they wear, as it's just what is right. Or is it? Why do we think that a certain type of outfit is boring and another type of outfit is weird. What makes these things weird or boring? because these are just adjectives, not real terms for things. Labels get pushed around every day, the countless times people say things are cool, hot, weird, awesome, pretty, perfect etc have become normal and labelling everything has become normal. We don't question why something is cool or ugly, we have been trained by our society and people around us to believe these things and so they have power over us. If we truly want to be free we have to abolish these labels and realise that what one person likes another person may hate, and thats okay. If you give labels power over you you'll always live your life by them and won't get out of this narrow path way to normal.

Things only have power over you if YOU give them power. And thats why we need to realise that we can be the only thing with power in our lives. People, including myself, have given social media so much power over them they feel they have to go onto it every single day, we have given it so much power it controls what we do, we don't necessarily always want to go onto it and may not always like it, but we do because thats just what everyone does. We give things the power that everyone does and let ourselves be sucked into a trap where we don't control all our actions and we don't control our whole life, we just go along with the norm and ride the wave. If you keep giving into routine and always doing the same things ask yourself why you do it, what in your life is controlling you and what has more power over you? If we take the power away from peoples opinions, social medias high standards and the 'norm' we can live exciting beautiful lives. This isn't something that's done in an instant, its a process, a journey and a learning curve.

 I'm on the journey, will you join me?

Take the power back and control your own beautiful life.

Grace x


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