Comparative importance of education

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Today I thought I'd change the style of post and just talk about something that is SO important, staying healthy mentally at school and surviving the dreaded task of high school. There are probably two lessons that i actually enjoy at school, if you know me you can probably guess what they are, and its tough turning out day in day out for something that to be honest is just pretty boring. It can be fun yes, but sometimes, a dreary tuesday morning when you have boring lessons and could do with another 6 hours sleep, is not your favourite place in the world. I am not a routine person. I hate routine. It kills creativity, dims your spark and creates a boring way of life. I don't want to be a sheep. I don't want to look like the rest of the boring, tired crowd. I don't want to do exactly the same thing every week. I want to live. I don't call that living. Heres how I've re prioritised, and what I think is really important.
People argue that school is important and yes i agree for sure, there are certain things that you need from school. You need results to get into the university or college that you want, but is that the only important thing? Should we be spending every day worrying about how our gcse's are going to turn out, a tiny fragment of our future which really is not the most important thing in the world. Or should we be doing a different sort of learning. Learning how to travel, to get from A to B, to find our own sense of self, to thrive in our imagination and creativity, to evolve spiritually, to nurture our mental health, to become strong spirited, to dream and imagine, to enjoy the company of loved ones, to adventure, create, be alone, be with people, learn how to communicate, not through phones or screens but talking to people, shaking hands, speaking with new faces face to face, to over come awkwardness, to become strong and confident. There are very few teachers who teach you to live. School is about passing exams, but what does that really leave you with? Some facts in the back of your brain that 85% of you won't use again. The other day I had an absolutely lovely conversation with a lovely, inspiring teacher. She spoke to me like a human being, not just a school child. She spoke to me like an adult, about the important things, and what is really important. And that conversation has left a huge mark on me in the best possible way, opening my eyes to the world and really re-evaluating my priorities wishes and dreams. The other day some one extremely close to me that I love hugely was telling me how they so nearly got crashed into by a dangerous driver. It made me realise how quickly it could all be over, and I am a spiritual person and I do believe that we go when the time is right, but the person you love the most could be gone in a flash, and you wouldn't remember the times you sat silently across the room from them in a lesson or shared homework, you remember the times you adventured, lived freely, made mistakes, made beautiful discoveries, laughed, cried and loved. When your old and dying you don't remember that amazing piece of work you did, yes work is important and you obviously should never take your education for granted, but there is more to life than that, live how you want too, sometimes you need to be selfish. Take very opportunity you can, thats what that teacher said to me, because thats the most important thing. You never know where an opportunity can take you, make the most of your time while you can. Do you. Let your soul live freely.
What do you think? I'd love to hear, feel free to tweet me about this or any of my other posts, i love hearing from people about them.
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