Individuality: Our Love/Hate Relationship

Okay so, today I'm talking about the thing I'm probably the most passionate about in the world, and that is individuality. I was talking to someone the other day and we had a very honest and open conversation and I was asking what boys think about girls with individuality and who are a bit different, and the response made me really think. So this person said that a lot of boys don't really like girls with individuality and something quirky about them and feel threatened/ scared by it. I was shocked. I think this is absolutely awful! I'm not in any way saying that all boys think this and I know for a fact they don't but there are a lot of boys I can think of that I know who I can definitely tell think like this, and honestly I think it's so sad. In our society we encourage girls and boys to repress their individuality to fit in with social norms, people feel threatened by other people not being like everyone else. So many of others say and post about how everyone should express themselves and be themselves, but in reality how many people actually are true to themselves and don't feel pressure from girls, boys, partners and society in general. Can you honestly say that you act/dress/say what you honestly feel? And do you judge people when they are completely themselves? I have come across lots of people, girls and boys, who have disliked me simply because I do me and I honestly don't care what other people think. But what does it stem from, why do people act like this? Is it jealousy that they feel they can't be themselves? Is it the people around them telling them what is 'normal'? I feel so strongly that everyone needs to change their attitudes. Why are you repressing your creativity and personality for other people.

If everyone opened their eyes to themselves and other people and didn't criticise others for how they are, think how happy everyone would be!! I think being true to yourself is the most important thing and if you are you're so much happier I can tell you now. I used to wear what everyone else wore and fit in with everyone else, and honestly I was not happy. When I just said forget it and wore the things I wanted to, took the photos I wanted to, lived exactly how I wanted too I met (well not met but became close to) my best friends in the world and my positivity and happiness rose so so much. I got negative comments from a lot of people but honestly if your true to yourself it stops mattering to you, and if we all start being ourselves a little bit more the negativity will stop and we will all start accepting each other. Wouldn't that be amazing! We could all be happy and support each other instead. It's crazy how the majority of people judge people badly on being themselves, its appalling and it needs to stop. So before you make that harsh comment or laugh at the person with unique style, remember how they are just being themselves, and maybe instead of hating turn that energy into something better and try it yourself. And boys, unique girls are the best girls, so re-think your whole ideology, why would you want to spend time with someone who doesn't have a personality?

Today, express yourself and do something you always want to do but are afraid to because of what others may think. It's very freeing.

Grace x


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