The Importance Of Impulse

After having such a positive reaction to my post about the comparative importance of education I thought I'd keep trying out this style of post, expressing my views on things I feel strongly about and perhaps bringing a different side to the conversation. Today I thought I'd talk about impulse and how important it truly is.
All the best things I've done in my life have been impulsive. The things that I look back on and smile about, the things that have created the best memories and brought me the most amount of happiness have not been calculated, and have simply just happened in the moment. If you think about your life you may see the same. Often the most incredible things are the things that happen naturally and involve no prior expectation at all. You've probably heard the quote on Instagram "Expect nothing and never get let down" I know thats not the exact thing but it's something like that, and it's true. In a way. You see everything has two sides, you may look at that quote and think lazy and pessimistic. But, if you look at it a different way you can see that actually if you expect nothing you never know what's going to happen, have no expectations, don't plan and wait and just ride the wave. I plan things, I'm a planner. When it comes to school work, work outs and events. That's just in my nature. But honestly when I look at it when I don't plan and wait and see the best things happen.

Okay think of it like a photograph, you can't plan the best photos, you never know when you'll see a beautiful sun rise, when you'll see your friends randomly, when something will just look really cool. If you over think a photo it looks fake. My favourite photos are those that look natural and that simply just happened by accident. The same often comes with fashion, some times I like putting things together, but i've had my best ideas when I have no plans and no ideas and just put something on. A perfect example is relationships. Friendly or romantic. I have the most incredible group of friends and couldn't be happier with them, but two years ago I never would have thought it would have turned out like this. We impulsively just merged together into our group of four and it worked, we don't know why or how it just did. I never thought I'd be in the relationship I am now, that relationship was a thing of impulse for sure. Turning close friends into something more is hard, it could have gone so badly wrong, but we were impulsive, it was out of the blue, and it just worked and it was an incredible decision for us to make, and we're both so much happier for it. One of my most amazing impulse decisions was applying for the House of Holland London Fashion Weekend competition, I never normally go in for online instagram competitions but for some reason I did this one, and actually won. When they sent me the message I had forgotten about the competition! Now theres a reason to be impulsive!!

I guess what I'm trying to say is people often think that impulse is bad, risky and dangerous, but really it' s a beautiful thing. Often people are afraid of the unknown but that's something that's just never occurred to me, I love it and try to seek it out. When you get over your fear of new things you see a whole new world where anything is possible. You may just stumble into something beautiful. You have to have faith and trust that things will just happen.

You can't go in if the door isn't open. You have to open the door to find out whats inside. But sometimes the door will already be open for you, you just have to find where it's hiding. Never say never and never dismiss an idea. The post on education was impulse and that seemed to work. Do things when and where you want to, do them straight away and no sometimes they won't work, but would you rather live a life quietly and safely in the shadows, or boldly walk in the sun? Life isn't perfect and it shouldn't be, but the more mistakes you have the more amazing things happen, because you learn, you grow and you understand yourself a little bit more with everything you do. Don't sit on the fence, don't spend an age making up your mind, just do it. If you try to live your life impulsively for a week see what you gain, I bet you you'll find a little more confidence and have a lot more fun. So theres a challenge for you all, do something impulsive today, go and make a decision, do something out of the blue. I dare you.

Sometimes getting it wrong is better still. It certainly gives you the best stories.

What do you think? Please let me know on twitter or in the comments, I love hearing peoples feed back, it makes my day. Don't forget to share this with people in your life if you liked it. I love writing like this.
Grace x


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