10 Positive Things To do Every Morning

Every morning the things you do effect how your day turns out. So starting your day with 10 positive things can boost your mood and energy levels and make sure you have a better day!!
1- Stretch it out!
Its so nice to spend a minute stretching your body first thing in the morning. It wakes up your muscles and leaves you feeling more lively! So touch your toes, stretch your back and reach those arms to the sky.

2- Drink something, preferably water.
It's so important to hydrate yourself in the morning. Water and lemon is the ultimate thing to drink in the morning to help boost metabolism for the day, but green tea is also fantastic. However some mornings when its cold and grey a good old cup of tea or hot chocolate is definitely required, (i feel you.)

3- Don't look at social media/messages/emails
First thing in the morning you need to ease yourself in, and I never like to look at my phone for a good half an hour after I wake up. It's so much better to take some time for yourself, and use your time wisely instead of procrastinating on social media (okay sometimes i know you just have to) and feel energised.

4- Exercise
It doesn't mean going to the gym, that takes serious dedication. But just doing some light yoga, some crunches or squats helps to make you feel good. Exercise gets those happy endorphins going and that can only make you more positive, you never regret a work out!!

5- Look around you
Look out the window at the beautiful earth. Whether you live in a city or town thank your lucky stars that your here, breathing, and able to enjoy the world. Take in the nature and reined yourself of how beautiful the earth is.

6- Meditate
This is optional and I know this will not appeal to a lot of people, but I absolutely love meditation. It makes me feel so calm and at peace. This will definitely kick you off to a good start if anything could! Just start by taking some deep breathes and focussing on your posture. Replace all your thoughts with the motion of your breathe and focus on this. Slowly introduce positive thoughts about your day and your life. You will feel so ready to go! 5 minutes is all it takes.

7- Set an intention
It really helps to set an intention for the day. Whether you want to put energy into each task, not say no to anything, or make sure you take each opportunity to exercise, set a goal for the day and keep focused on this one thing.

8- Make a To- Do List
This helps me to have a great day. If i can tick off everything on my to-do lost I feel a sense of accomplishment and it keeps me focussed. Once I've completed everything I need to do I can go and do what ever I want.

9- Read something.
An article on line, a magazine, a page in a book, a quote, a headline, this blogpost! Just read something, it really is nice to read something first thing in the morning, trust me on this one.

10- Eat something good.
Take the time to make yourself something nice to have in the morning. The best things are smoothies, fruits and yoghurt, granola, porridge and eggs. Having a nice breakfast that you've put care into is the best way to start the day and gives you the energy to power through anything you have that day!!

Obviously some days we all need that 15 mins extra in bed and these things are not possible, nor do I do all of this every day, but at least 2 of them definitely. Start your day the right way!
Grace x


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