How To Look Like Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is probably the coolest person on the planet, she has that quality that you can't buy or  ake that just makes her so effortlessly cool. Her style, personality, demeanour and looks come together into this amazing character, and she is amazing. Today I thought I would share my undying love for Alexa in a blog post dedicated to recreating her style and getting her look! So, lets do this…

When I think of Alexa Chung, I think of casual, festival style. Alexa always pulls off a casual vibe and is always spotted in denim, she even has her own denim range for AG Jeans. To recreate this look, through on a casual folky blouse, or to make it more formal try a silky pussy bow, under a vintage looking denim pinafore. The more distressed the better! 

              Zara Blouse - £25.99                                                             Topshop Pinafore - £32

This look I absolutely adore, the corduroy looks so much more causal in a denim blue, and the shape and style of the dress has a 60's edge, that looks slightly punk paired with semi sheer tights and black leather ankle boots, genius!

Motel at Topshop dress - £17.50 (sale item)                New Look Black Boot - £22

This smart look is a classic look for Alexa, she can style masculine clothing like none can and pull it off every time. This masculine blazer with a feminine blouse balances out the look. It works. And the lace up shoes add an interesting finish. 
                   Zara Blazer £49.99                                                  Topshop Wrap front boucle skirt - £20

I adore everything about this outfit. The pink patent leather skirt, the spotty blouse, the box bag and lace up flats compliment each other perfectly to create a not too sexy, not too casual not too dressed up look that is absolutely gorgeous. My favourite of them all, I NEED IT!!

Vinyl Skirt from American Apparel - £38                        New Look Spotty Shirt - £19.99

So there are a few of my favourite Alexa Chung looks, I think you'll agree that this lady always looks effortlessly amazing, can I have her figure, face, hair and wardrobe please!?!
Grace x


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