Spring Trends Predicted By Moi!

Hey people!
Today I am back with a new fashion post, and todays post is all about the new trends that I think will be big this spring. These are easy ways to transport your look for Spring in ways that are completely wearable and uber stylish. Also lots of these trends are 100% unisex, so guys check this out too!!

1- True Denim Jeans
The Levis 505's. If you don't know what they are go look now. This classic jean is having a come back for next season, forget stretchy denim and go back to the real sturdy stuff. Give it a try, its very flattering.

2- Lingerie made wearable
Okay this one's probably for the girls. Lingerie inspired slip dresses and vests are storming the runways, this sounds scary and there is a fine line to getting it right. If your nervous try a lacy silk camisole with some denim and a blazer. The look for Spring 16.

3- The Purest of Pure
Pure white cotton is comic back, look at Balenciaga or Dior. Wearing a plain white cotton in a top, trouser, dress, skirt or shirt is something so fresh, clean and pure that it has to look good.

4- Mad Metallics
Take inspiration from space and add some metal to your look. Beautiful pleated gun metal skirts and shiny silver shirts. I'm in.

5- Asymmetric
Use asymmetric lines to make your look more interesting, its also super flattering. An asymmetric neckline is a great new alternative to the off the shoulder look, and still shows off the new erogenous zone of the shoulders.

6- Primary
Primary colours are so bold colourful and playful, they make you happy and bright yellow is just like wearing the sun. Maybe try sticking in some yellow blue and red into your wardrobe or makeup ladies.

7- Mesh
Mesh details are so cool and just my favour thing. Mesh is so great because you can layer it, mess with it, accesprize with it and just make your look 100X more cooooool!

8- Stripes
Adding stripes into your look can lift your look especially if you're really into monochrome.

9- Cut Outs
Interesting cut outs are so in when the winter is leaving and we can actually go out without 20000 layers on. Try some new interesting shapes and mix things up.

10- Long line bomber
We all know the bomber jacket is huge, but next season I think the longer style will be the coveted cover up. They are starting to emerge in the high street now.

So here are some cool trends that I think will be cool for spring!
Thanks guys!
Grace x


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