This Seasons Bag Trends AW15 & My New Bag

Hey guys,
It's nearly autumn (yayyyy) so that means autumn (or fall if your american) shopping! That also means, since I am a complete bag-a-holic, time to buy a new bag. For this season there are three main bag trends in the categories of shape, colour and texture and I managed to get myself a little beauty that hits all these trends in one. Keep reading to find out more.

Trend 1: Mini bags are best
Small bags are officially in, and yes that means you have the excuse to go by a smaller purse too! (I actually did do that oops.) They're small, compact and means you only take the necessities with you. It doesn't have to be so tiny though, I still get everything I need in mine! Small bags are so on trend right now, all the bloggers and it girls are carrying small bags, so go get one!

Trend 2: Crocodile skin scaly textures
Obviously faux croc because that would be cruel, but croc effect is so in right now, whether you have it on a panel of your bag or all over like mine, it adds an extra dimension to your look and looks so expensive and stylish. It really makes your bag look special, and everyone has some croc in their lives right now!

Trend 3: Burgundy Tones
Its official the colour of the season is burgundy especially for bags. This colour is everywhere right now and is perfect for autumn winter dressing. Its brighter and more interesting than black but is still easy to wear with anything. Guys, trust me on this one, its a great option and a burgundy bag will never go out of style! Its classic!

My Bag:

So I hope you guys found this helpful, let me know how you interpreted these trends if you decide to by tweeting me @gokiddooo or instagramming me @gracexkidd
Thanks everyone!
Grace x


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