How to look good when your running late for school!

Hey guys,
Now that I'm officially back at school I thought I would share with you the things I do if I'm running late but still want to look reasonably nice that day. Sleep is very important, so with these tips you'll be able to look good in under 5 minutes!

1- Dry shampoo!
Dry shampoo is a life saver if you didn't wash your hair the night before and it looks a little greasy. Pop some in and your hair will look so much nicer! I like the Batiste blonde one as it doesn't come out white.

2- Concealer
Don't bother with a full face of makeup, you don't have time! Stick some concealer under your eyes, around your nose, on your cupids bow, chin and forehead and blend. It covers any blemishes or redness and makes you look so much more awake.

3- Mascara
Mascara is the best thing to look awake, bright and like you put in some effort. It will open your eyes and make a big difference. You'll look and feel a lot better, trust me. Don't go too heavy handed, just one coat from root to tip to lengthen and add a bit of volume.

4- Matte nude lipstick
Lipstick makes me feel so much more put together and ready for the day, and it takes seconds to apply. The best thing about a good nude lipstick is that you don't have to be too careful as it doesn't look as obvious. Don't make the lines too sharp, just whack some on in the centre and blend out by rubbing your lips together. Done! My favourite is Velvet teddy by MAC.

Now your face is looking stunning, gotta do something with that hair! If you feel like your hair is looking fine then just leave it down and you're done! But if it's not cooperating, then just put it in a bun. It's the easiest thing to do, low, middle or high on the head, it'll always look good. I like a messy low bun as it looks quite polished still even though it literally takes seconds

6- Get your uniform out the night before
If you have a uniform like me for school, then get it out the night before so you can chuck it on super quick.

7- Comfy, casual, basics
If you don't have a uniform, either get out your outfit the night before, or just go for simple basic pieces that you know work. Stick to jeans, baggy T shirts, jumpers or denim/leather jackets for effortless comfy style.

So there we go, follow these steps and you'll be ready to go and looking fabulous in 10 minutes straight! Now you can definitely have that extra 10 minutes in bed that you deserve!
Hope this helped some of you in some way, don't forget to check my youtube channel for new videos every Sunday!
Thanks guys!
Grace x


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