Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream in Rioja Red Review

Hey guys,
Today I thought I would do a little review of a product I got quite recently. I had been looking for a matte true red lipstick that was long wearing, and easy to apply when I stumbled upon the Sleek counter. I am a big fan of sleek, I love the blushers, the eyebrow kit and the shadows but I hadn't seen the Matte Me liquid lip cream before. I was intrigued.

The packaging is nice, I like the square, long tube and matte black lid. I also really like the applicator. Its long and thin so you can really get into the corners of your mouth and it helps the product glide on really well. I got the colour Rioja Red as I was looking for a red shade but they do a few other shades too. The colour is great, its a realllllly bright red without being too blue or orange which is perfect, its a great shade.

Despite it being a matte product it is a very wet liquid, which I like because it gives you enough time to move it around your lips and to get the perfect shape before it sets. It gives you enough time but it does set quite fast and it dries to a very matte papery finish. I definitely recommend prepping your lips with a lot of lip balm and patting before applying otherwise it does feel very dry on your lips which isn't the nicest feeling.

However, it stays put for a very long time, it doesn't come off when you eat and drink, its waterproof and doesn't wipe off if you rub a tissue or fabric over your lips, which is great if your shopping and trying on clothes. I would recommend this product if you want something bright, bold and long lasting, as it is brilliant for that, but it is drying on the lips and doesn't have the nicest texture so if you don't need long lasting and water proof factors then maybe this isn't the right product for you.

Do you have this product? Let me know what you think about it if you decide to try it or already have it!
Thanks guys,
Grace x


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