5 ways to stay organised for school!

Tomorrow I go back to school, yippee! Not the greatest time of the year is it, and I also get really nervous before going back to school which is horrible. So if you feel prepared and organised you will inevitably feel more relaxed and comfortable for the day. Today I thought I would share my top 5 tips to staying organised for school time!

1- Have a drawer or shelf where you keep all of your books.
This way you always know where everything is and there can't be the 'omg i can't find it' panic.

2- Pack your bag the night before
Trust me, you won't leave anything behind and can check it in the morning to make sure.

3- Give yourself plenty of time in the morning
This way you won't panic, be able to do your hair and makeup as you want to and be super calm, prepared and ready to go.

4- When you get home, put your bag in the same place.
This way you know where it is, similarly to the books. You can't loose it then!

5- Make to do lists.
I swear by to do lists, I make them every day. It makes you more productive and makes sure you meet all your deadlines!

Get ready to be super duper prepared and organised for school!
Hope this helped you! If you're going back to school tomorrow too have a great day, you'll be fine!
Grace x


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