Summer Fashion Essentials

So it's the summer here in the UK and that means lighter clothing and trying to tackle the issue of staying cool in the sun. When it comes to fashion I think it's great to really make the most of your wardrobe in the summer as being a school student I have to wear a uniform most of the time, but no matter what your age is, you can still maximise your clothes and look flawless all summer long!
1- A patterned maxi skirt
Maxi skirts are great as they look so elegant and dress up an outfit so easily and quickly. From one patterned skirt you can style night time and day time outfits super easily. For day wear with a plain crop top and flip flops and for night wear with a block colour top or body and heels - easy!

2- Floppy hats
A floppy hat is ever so stylish and great for keeping the sun off your beautiful face! For day choose a straw style and for more dressed up dates or evening choose one in a black felt.

3- Denim cut off shorts
A basic staple I know, but make sure you find that perfect pair of denim cut offs that suits your body and you feel comfortable in. Vintage Levis are fab, but Topshop, New Look and Hollister also do great alternatives in all denim shades, with distressing or without distressing and in high and low rise.

4- Baggy White T-shirt
Probably the most important of all, a white T-shirt is something you will definitely wear a thousand times. I recommend investing in a good quality cotton with just enough stretch such as ones from Brandy Melville, Topshop or Mango. Also select a neckline and fit that suits your body type, I personally prefer a v-neck with a loose baggy fit. Style them any time of the day, with shorts, skirts, under dresses and tucked into trousers.

5- Simple black sandal
In the summer you don't want to have to worry about shoes too much, so buy a pair of black sandals, either with a small heel or flat that are strappy and comfortable. These shoes will take you through the whole summer and keep your feet in good condition. Say goodbye to blisters for good!

So they are my summer fashion essentials, I really recommend investing in these 5 things as it will make summer dressing so much easier for you! I hope this was helpful, what are your summer fashion essentials?

Grace x


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