Revlon Colourstay Shadowlinks Eyeshadows Review

Hi guys!
Today I have a beauty review for you! I recently purchased some Revlon Colourstay Shadowlinks eyeshadows for a video on my Youtube Channel which is a purple makeup look (may not be up when you read this but check anyway!) When I went into Boots to buy these products, I came across a deal on the Revlon counter which was 3 for 2 and a free nail varnish, so naturally I had to have this great offer! To see the nail varnish I got head to my channel! I picked up three purple shades in different tones, a dark mauve tone (plum), a mid bright purple (purple), and a sparkly light colour (lilac.) I've tried all of the colours out and so I thought I should do a review!

 The three colours I have are (from left to right) Plum, Purple and Lilac. I like to use all three colours together to create a smoky purple look. I use the colour Purple all over the lid, Plum in the crease and Lilac in the inner corner and on the brow bone to high light. The colours work really well together and create a pretty, subtle and soft look. I like to pair this look with a deep purple or nude lip.

The Shadowlinks eyeshadows come in a good range of colours, and I really like how you can select exactly which colours you want to build up your own palette by linking them together. The way they slot together is great as they do actually stay together! They are £2.99 each which is pretty cheap for eyeshadow, but they aren't the best quality or formula. You definitely need to prime your eyes with a primer of cream eyeshadow first to get them to stay and apply properly. The colours are build able and easy enough to build but not very pigmented and so it is necessary to spend the time building them up. The texture is quite nice, not overly creamy but not too flaky either, and the pigment is loose enough to get lots on your brush. The darker shades are definitely the most pigmented as you can imagine, the lighter shades take some time to build until the true colour is visible. The colours are very easy to blend though and some very pretty looks can be created. They're great if you're on a budget and want certain colours to try before investing better quality products. I think they're a great buy to experiment with new trends and colours!

I hope this review was useful for you! I recommend trying these eyeshadows out, and let me know what you think as I'd love to know! If you already have some of these, which colours are your favourite? Thanks for joining me people, have a nice day!
Grace x


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