Outfit: Light, Airy Summer Evening

Hey there!
Todays post is another outfit post which is perfect for a summer evening or event. This outfit is a slightly more formal summer look, perfect for a wedding, party or any special occasion. The light, pastel tones give a soft feminine feel, with lady like nude heels. This is a special outfit that makes you feel special too and I love it.

The soft lace on this pretty dress is light and airy, making the look soft, pretty and flowy. I love how the white slip is shorter than the lace layer, as it gives an interesting texture and feel to the outfit. The texture of the pastel blue-green jacket makes the look more formal and expensive. The jacket is very much inspired by the classic Chanel tweed jacket and so instantly updates the look to luxe standards. This layering of textures and colours makes the look more stylish, sophisticated and fashionable. The use of a pale colour palette also gives a summery air. This outfit is my go to formal summer outfit and is perfect for any event. I love the stylish sophisticated look and adore the feminine finish.

White lace dress - Hollister
Tweed pastel blue-green jacket - New Look
Nude heels - New Look

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