Back To School Essentials!

Yes it's that time of year again, the dreaded back to school… duh duh duhhhhhh! And while this is not the best time of year, you can always find ways to make it better, and having all the essentials to have you prepared, feeling and looking good can make a big difference! So today I thought I would share with you the things I think are essentials for back to school, they may not all be necessary but they help to make me more confident and to just feel better about going to school again!

1- Lots of stationary (the cuter the better)
I always seem to run out of pens, no matter how many I buy I always seem to loose them all or they run out of ink in about 3 days, so be prepared! Stock up on loads of stationary before school starts, it doesn't need to be expensive in any way, and keep some of it at home to replace when you loose things. Also if you have stationary you like, for example a pretty pen or pencil, your going to want to make your writing look nicer!

2- Tissues (especially in the winter)
It's never fun needing to wipe your hands or blow your nose and just not having a tissue, make sure you always have some to stay comfortable and confident!

3- Lip balm
No one likes chapped lips, its gross and sore. Lip balm just makes everything better, smooth lips make you feel more confident about your appearance and some taste really good!

4- Mints or minty gum
I know gum isn't allowed in most school, but if you are allowed then use that privilege! If you aren't then always have mints, the green soft mints are my favourite, as gross breathe is not nice. Minty breathe after lunch or just throughout the day is great because people will actually want to talk to you, you will feel so much more confident, mint helps to soothe stomach aches, and just makes you feel cleaner!

5- Anti Bacterial gel
Schools can be gross at times, germs are everywhere, desks, lights and equipment for example, so before you have lunch or if you know your hands are dirty, use antibacterial gel. You can get some that smell really good and they are so much better than half broken school sinks with inevitably broken hand dryers.

6- Deodorant or body spray
There always seems to be a simultaneous cry of "Anyone have spray?" in the girls changing rooms after PE. No one wants to smell sweaty at any point of the day, especially when its hot. So make sure to carry deodorant or a body spray of some kind, it makes a difference and just makes you feel so much better and ready for the rest of the day. WE all know this but we rarely remember, me included, so make a mental check list this year!

7- Hair Ties
There will be at least one day a year when you have PE and you forget a hair tie and no one else has one. It happens. So put some in your bag or pocket at the start of the year so you know if you forget one, you've always got a back up and can always be that person to help out a friend in need!

8- Headphones
Not for in school, but for me an absolute essential for travelling to and from school, as I have a 20min bus ride each way. I do not enjoy listening to annoying people screaming on a monday morning, so listening to my own music helps me to block them out and start my day in a positive and good way.

9- Scarf (winter time)
School uniforms are always dull (mine is one of the better though) but a scarf is an easy way to just make your uniform a bit cosier and more your style. In the winter it's cold travelling to and from school and scarfs are cosy, warm and comforting. You can choose one that reflects your personality or just something big and cosy, up to you!

10- A Smile! :)
How cheesy, gosh, i apologise. But seriously, even if its a cold, grey, monday morning, you feel ill and its raining, try to smile, it will make you feel better and the people around you, It honestly does make a huge difference and a smile in the morning will always set up your day to be great! Every morning try to set an intention of having a good day and smile at yourself when you get ready. Being happier is going to make school a whole lot more bearable, trust me!

Hope this helped some of you, this is just things that I think are essential to me, what are your school essentials? Thanks for reading, don't forget to check me out on social media, the links are to the side!
Bye, Grace x


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