Top 5 Autumn Trends 2015

Hey guys,
If you hadn't  guessed already, I love fashion. So every season I watch the shows on line, look at street style and try and put together my favourite trends for the season, and so I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite AW15 Trends!

1- Sculptural Monochrome
This trend is all about pieces in plain black and white, but interesting shapes and proportions. I've been trying this out recently and love it, my outfit from London Fashion Weekend was my nod to the trend with the oversized sleeveless white shirt dress, belted over a black mesh skirt. Try it out with a statement piece and bare accessories. For example a japanese kimono style sleeved top with plain black jeans and a small black bag.

2- Sheer mad
A lot of the shows have shown lots of sheers, lace and net this season which I adore. The romance and elegance of sheer fabrics is beautiful and can be toughened up with leather and denim. Try a sheer lace skirt over a plain white t-shirt dress.

3- Victoriana
Victorian England is an on going muse for many designers, but this season it has been very clear in many shows. Think high necks, frills, soft tones, rustic fabrics and ornate pieces. If you buy one thing, make it a victorian blouse.

4- Fringe
This trend sees the return on 70's, a remaining trend from last season. This time round the focus is more on fringed separates e.g a suede jacket, fringed boots or a dress. These pieces do not have to be in suede, this season its more versatile with leather and cotton too.

5-Lace up
If you've been on any form of social media, in any fashion store or read any magazine you will have sent he return of lace up. No not elizabethan lace up corsets, lace up tops, boots and dresses. Often in jersey (tops and dresses) and knee hugh suede (boots.) It doesn't have to be revealing, a couple of eyelets, or a closely drawn lace up works just as well.

So here are 5 fashion trends that can work with any style for this season, Try them out and have some fun!!
Thanks guys,
Grace x


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