How To Be A Morning Person!

Hey guys,
Today i thought Id do something a little different, and share my tips with you about how to be a morning person, I love mornings and hate lay ins (weird I know) because I love getting a load of stuff done in the day! So here are my top 10 tips for being a morning person!

1- Same time every morning
Always set your alarm for the same time, and force yourself to stick to it, don't press that snooze button! Get up! Your natural body clock will soon adjust to this and make it easier to actually get up at that time, eventually it will feel natural and you'll probably wake up then anyway.

2- Get ready before you look at your phone.
We're all guilty of checking Instagram and Twitter as soon as we get up, but try and set a rule where you can't look at your phone until you've got ready, this will make you faster, more productive and reduces the time spent on your phone.

3- Smile at yourself/ family
Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and smile, it will put you in a more positive mood and help you to feel your best, you may feel stupid, but it sets up your day in a positive way.

4- Choose your outfit the night before.
I always like to look my best, so picking out your outfit the night before ensures there's no mad panic in the morning that leaves you putting on the first thing you can find.

5- Have a go-to outfit.
To stop stressing out, if you forget to choose an outfit, always have a full outfit near the front of your wardrobe of in a drawer that you know looks good, you can always put this on if you're stuck and avoid the stress.

6- Take time for breakfast
With this time saving we've already made, don't forget breakfast especially before school/work. Breakfast helps to fuel your body, setting you up for a good day and helps your brain to kick into gear.

7- Drink water
Always hydrate first thing, preferably with water. If you need coffee or tea, drink a small glass of water first to kick start your metabolism. Extra points if you add lemon.

8- If theres time, exercise
If you don't have any where special to go then take the time to exercise in the morning, make yourself workout first things and you'll feel energised and good about yourself for the rest of the day, trust me, it feels good. If your in school, then do this at the weekends.

9- Read something that makes you happy
Whether you keep your favourite quote on the wall or have a book or magazine that makes you feel good, read it, it'll get that positivity going.

10- Listen to your favourite songs
Music makes all situations better, in the morning get your favourite songs going in an awesome playlist and you'll feel yourself getting more alert, awake and positive! 

Hope this helped some of you, let me know if you do any of these things! 
Thanks guys,
Grace x


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