How to stay healthy during Winter!

Hi everyone,
Today I thought Id do a health post, all to do with staying healthy in the winter. This is hard, trust me I know your pain, and I am not an expert at all but my dad being a personal trainer has given me tips about staying in shape, so I thought Id share with you the things I do or try to do!

1- Don't forget about fruit!
I feel like in the summer I eat so much more fruit, but in the winter seem to eat a lot less. Try to drink fruit infused water and keep it handy or try stewed apple which is hot and tastes like desert!

2- Indoor workouts!
It's so hard to find the motivation to go running in the winter, so try ti indoor workouts like simple abs and leg workouts, you can find plenty on interest, that you can do before bed or in the morning, simple and quick.

3- Do little things when your doing nothing.
Squat while brushing your teeth, stretch before you get out of bed, lunge around your room, star jumps before dinner, calf raises in a sue, step ups while going up the stairs,, possibilities are endless, burn extra calories!!

4-Power playlist
It's so much easier to workout with a power playlist, get one together of your favourites or check out spottily for some awesome ones to get you in the mood!

5- Drink a glass of water before bed and first thing in the morning.
This not only helps your skin but helps your body to rehydrate and cleanse, keeping you healthier and feeling more refreshed!

Would you like to see a workout routine video on my channel?
Let me know!
G x


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