W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette Review

A few days ago I ordered the W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette from Amazon and it very quickly arrived! The palette is beautiful, if you like natural tones with warm and cool matte shades and shimmer finishes this is the dream palette. I've used the palette a few times now so I thought it was the right time to give you a full review!

First of all, the packaging is really nice, it looks expensive. I like the beige tin with grey lettering and it says exactly what it does which is helpful when reaching for it. Its sturdy enough to keep the shadows safe but not too big and bulky which I like. And of course because of the array of colours, it's perfect for travelling as you don't need to take anything else with you!

Inside, the palette contains 12 shades, going from a pale warm toned matte hi-light all the way to a matte black-grey shade. Every other colour is a shimmer and it goes from warm, light colours to dark ashy colours. The colour selection is great, really you have every shade you need and they're all beautiful. From hi-lights, base colours, crease colours and lash line colours, your sorted and the amount of looks you can create is never ending. It's a great alternative to the Naked 1 and 2 palette as the colours are a mix of the two which is great. It's also really nice that it comes with a little brush in the bottom, one end is a spongey applicator (which personally I'm not keep on and don't use) and the other end is a small duo fibre brush (which I really like and is great for small inner corner or lash line work.) Oh and lets talk about the price! I ordered mine from Amazon and it was UNDER £5 !!! Thats around 1/8 of the price of the Naked Palettes!

The shadows them selves are great, I love the texture, finish and application of them. I recommend using a base product first such as a cream shadow or eye primer to make sure they last ALL day, but having said that they're brilliant just on their own too. They don't flake or drop down when you apply them which is great, and they layer up really well. In fact you don't really need to apply much of the colour at all as they're so pigmented, which is a winner for me! Once they're on how you want your look to be, the finish is really glossy and sparkly with the glitter shades and matte and pigmented with the matte colours, they stand out and are so easy to use. The texture of them is very creamy for a pressed powder shadow which I love and makes them so easy to blend as well. It's safe to say I love them!

The three colours shown here are the 2nd 4th and 6th shades from the left of the palette, and the picture really does not do the beautiful colours justice. The top is my favourite, and is a beautiful rich golden shimmer. It's such a pigmented colour and really make your eyes pop! I also adore the other two colours, the middle is a slightly darker gold and the bottom a golden brown. They're all so shimmery, pigmented and have a beautiful warm tone running through them, if you like warm colours on your eyes these are for you!

I think we've all established that I LOVE these colours, and I will definitely be wearing these a tonne, especially for my holiday coming up! I'm sure I will be posting a youtube video using this palette soon so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you're subscribed to see that! I totally recommend getting this palette, it's affordable and beautiful (my two favourite things!)
If you have this product I'd love to know what you think about it so please leave a comment below!

Grace x


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