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I'm Grace, and you may have found my blog through my youtube channel Graces Style! If thats the case, then hi there, thanks for coming over for a chat! If you have stumbled across my little blog from somewhere else on the internet then hello to you too and thanks for joining! I'm Grace, as I said, and I'm a teenager who loves fashion and beauty. My passion for this subject matter is ginormous which is why I decided to start this blog! My blog will consist of beauty and fashion posts, the same as my Youtube Channel (which you should go check out too!) Basically it'll be like me talking to you about beauty products, tutorials, outfits and all that jazz, so I hope you enjoy! If your a super duper loyal friend then you may know I used to have a different blog which I stopped at the start of the year but Im back and better than ever!

So todays post is all about summer beauty essentials, and by that I mean the beauty products you need to look and feel amazing all summer long! The summer is when its supposed to get hot and sunny, if like me you live in England then maybe not so hot, but its supposed too so we're gonna go with it for the purpose of this post. I have 6 beauty essentials for you, so keep reading to find out what they are!

1- Black/white sweat proof deodorant.
Essential for hot days! We all know deodorant is an essential for any time of the year but I really recommend a black and white stain free one as in the summer your more likely to be wearing thinner tshirts, vests and dresses that may be white or black and you do not want visible stains! Lots of brands do these now in spray and roll on form. I have the Nivea ones in spray and roll on and they're really good! They smell really fresh and clean as well which is what you want when its a bit hot and sweaty.

2- Face primer
If you want your makeup to last, your gonna need a face primer. These are perfect for the summer as it stops your makeup sliding off your face, especially if you have suncream on under neath too. There are a few different ones for different things, but for the summer you need one which is going to keep your face matte and sweat free. For this, I have the Porefessional by Benefit which if your into makeup, you probably own or have at least heard of. And its worth the hype, it really mattifies your skin and helps your base stay on all day which at the end of the day is what it's there to do.

3- Waterproof mascara.
Nobody wants panda eyes by the pool. To keep your mascara on all day and not have to keep checking your eyes every 5 seconds I really recommend buying a waterproof version. I recently purchased the Lash Sensational mascara by Maybelline in the waterproof formula. Every beauty blogger seems to rave about this product and it is fabulous! The brush is really similar to the Roller Lash mascara by Benefit which is double the price and it gives the same effect. The bristles really hug the lashes and it makes your eyelashes multiply, giving more volume and really lengthening and separating the lashes too. If you want a dramatic look, and your on a budget, this is the perfect mascara for you, probably my favourite. The formula is great as well, it doesn't budge all day and takes a while to remove at night which is only a good thing when it comes to mascara!

4- Bright lipstick
Can't be bothered to do your makeup properly? Stick on some bright lippy and no one will know! Bright lipstick is great for the summer as it lifts a look, taking it to the next level, and brightens your face. Its also great for faking a polished 'i spent ages doing my makeup' look when really you spent two seconds sticking on some lipstick. For the summer I like bright pinks, such as the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 20, and electric oranges, such as the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in 912. Try it, you'll see how much more alive and put together you look, even if you've got nothing else on your face!

5- Suncreams
The sun can age the skin and burn it very quickly, which is why you should always use sun cream. I prefer to use two separate sun creams, one for my face and one for my body. For my body I use a spray suncream as I HATE the feel of suncream on my hands, my favourite is the Garnier Ambre Solaire clear protect+ spf 30 as its clear, waterproof and really quick to apply and reapply. For my face I like something that will last all day, and something gentle enough to not make my skin break out. I use the Soltan Once Face SPF 30 moisturising sun care cream. This doesn't clog my pores and it light enough to wear under makeup. It feels just like your applying a moisturiser and I recommend applying it straight after you wash your face in the morning so it has some time to sink in before applying makeup.

6- Moisturiser
To keep your tan you have to moisturise. If you're abroad somewhere hot, or you're burnt, always use after sun, but if your just in the UK then you can use something else. I like to moisturise my legs with a body butter. My favourite is the I Love mango and papaya body butter. It smells am-a-zing and is really creamy and buttery meaning it absorbs into the skin really well leaving a smooth satin finish. It's the scent that gets me with body butters and this one is so summery and tropical, I love it! Perfect for keeping limbs soft and skin hydrated.

So thats all of my beauty essentials for the summer, obviously there are others too but these are just the bare essentials. I'd be really interested to find out what your summer essentials are, so leave me a comment! I hope you liked my first post, there's lots more to come! Don't forget to check me out and all my social medias are linked at the side of the page.
Thanks guys!
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