Street Wear or Sleep Wear?

The rise of the millennial street brand, dressing the 'cool' insta-stars and it kids across the globe one influencer at a time.

The rise of mega brand Supreme by new found billionaire James Jebbia was an insanely smart move, he had noticed the rise in comfort and casual clothing sales and the fall of 'dressing up' being cool. The more casual the better it now seems, and I admit i love comfort but isn't it slightly sad that we're almost giving up that feeling of glamour as a super power for women all over the world, as Donatella wisely said, 'to a woman a dress is a weapon' and I think this is true, fashion is powerful. It can work, and there is money to be made- if you get it right and have something different. Now we see an oversaturated market full of tracksuits and oversized graphic T-shirts that frankly are all the same and all trying to copy each other. Of course, a lot of this has something to do with the ever powerful Kardashian-Effect, with all the sisters sporting very casual Calabasas luxury street wear and supporting Kanye West with his Yeezy brand, which has actually been very successful sales wise. I'm not against this look, I've tried it and every now and again I love it. but its very over done now, every seems to be styled the same way and everyone is acting that they don't care, when they paid thousands of dollars for a stylist to put them in a black vest and some adidas track pants... I can think of more exciting statements. Some brands are also taking it way too far and street wear is literally becoming sleep wear... holy t-shirts, XXXXXL dad shirts, PJ shorts and slippers all apparently part of the wave. This for me is a step in the wrong direction, this isn't cool or inventive its counter intuitive, sloppy and boring. I don't want to walk out the door looking like i just rolled out of bed, and I'm not buying a £400 t-shirt to wear it in bed only. The world is truly going mad and not in a fun way. I guess though this is another matter of taste and how well you can carry yourself and use your confidence to make a look successful- and that isn't many people when it comes to this kind of thing I'm afraid if you aren't a millionaire or an instagram model it may be challenging to say the least.


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