Emerging New Talent: The Models To Know Now

A models job is a challenging one, which is softened over looked and deemed to be inferior to other jobs in fashion such as designers, buyers and editors. But really the model sees and does it all. She experiences the harshest criticism, is often treated the worst and given the least credit. Modelling is made tougher by the day with instagram stars and bloggers taking some of the light away from the real deal models of the industry. Today I thought I'd show case some new faces just breaking their way into the industry who clearly have an amazing talent, and are exceptionally photographic people. Please enjoy these stunning images and don't forget to show models the respect they deserve.

1 - Aliyah Galyautdinova
Stunning Russian model with the most interesting face I've ever seen. I'm fascinated  by her and she looks amazing in every shot. Truly beautiful features.

2 - Ellen Rosa 
Brazilian model based in Sao paulo. Looks stunning in all the shows this season. She has such an intent stare she's captivating.

3 - Dasha Khlystun
Ukrainian model who's landed in some mega shows already. Impressive start in the industry, and has some amazing angles. 

4 - Jessie Bloemendaal
Dutch beauty discovered on Instagram. Now definitely a fully fledged model star. 

5 - Rina Fukushi
Japanese beauty with delicate features and a major attitude that make her oh so cool.

And there we have it, a top 5 of the new models to look up and find out about now. Check them out online and discover a whole new world of models, who have more attitude and more edge about them. The future of modelling is very promising. 
Grace x


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