You Are Enough & Your Are Beautiful!

Today I have had a really good day mentally. Today I have felt so inspired, confident and body positive and that is so weird, because I started today pretty anxiously. Honestly, this will sound so stupid, the things that put me into this mood were the Kardashians, and an insane playlist of Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Paramore, Rihanna etc, and running.
When we feel empowered I think we begin to wonder why we worry so much about our looks. I'm someone who thinks about my appearance constantly and it's not healthy but honestly each and every person is enough. I have realised recently that I'm never going to look like another girl, I'm not going to have a stick think figure and I'm probably not going to get obese any time soon either. I'm happy, I have some curves, I'm not fat, but I'm not skinny. When you actually look at yourself and realise what you actually look like, you realise how much your mind makes up and lies to you.
To feel confident and be empowered is a hard task, harder for some than others but anyone can get there. You just have to think, at the end of the day I am me, I don't look like a size 0 anorexic model, and that is okay. That is just as beautiful. In this society we are told that skinny is pretty. And thats it. We are told that a certain thing is beauty but that inna complete load of bullshit. Anyone and everyone can feel beautiful is you believe it yourself, you don't have to be told it by someone else to make it true, if you think you're beautiful you are beautiful, and girl you should slay it. You do you, wear what you feel comfortable in, what you want to wear, look like how you really are and don't hide yourself and try and mould yourself into something that isn't real or sustainable for you. It's okay to be you and to not be someone else. It's fantastic. Its the best thing in the world because you are just a bundle of energy walking around the planet and at the end of the day if there was no difference between anyone it would be so boring!

So if you need a little lost of confidence to get empowered go and listen to a kick ass playlist, have a party in your room, take some selfies, love your body, wear your favourite clothes and feel good. When you feel it you know it's true. You are all beautiful you just gotta start feeling it.

Love Grace xxxxxxxx


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