20 Simple Things I Love In The World

Hello :)
Things that make you happy are very important. It's more often than not the smallest things that can give you the most happiness if yu let them. Sometimes its good to feel the happiness of the world and let the earths simple happiness humble and satisfy you. There is always happiness if you let it reach you, sometimes we create a barrier to stop it reaching us without even knowing, so now we need to break that down. Here are 20 things that I love about the world and make me happy, try embracing them and see how happy it makes you. :)

1- Waking up to a sunny morning with a clear blue sky. That is optimism in its purest form.

2- Waking up naturally without an alarm and ignoring all technology until lunch time. Stress relief and clarity.

3- Laying in the grass on a sunny day. Look at the sky, feel the sun on your face.

4- Being outside. Vitamin D and a true connection to natures beauty. Get connected and feel at one.

5- Being in a city. Feel the buzz, connect with the energy.

6- Sitting in a cafe, with a coffee, people watching. Just relax and observe the human race, it'll make you laugh and it'll give your brain a break.

7- Finding a new place. Go get lost. Explore a little. Feel refreshed, feel new, feel the adventure.

8- A long countryside walk. Breathe in the fresh air, get your body moving and look at the plants.

9- Doing absolutely nothing and not worrying about it. Lifes greatest pleasure, enjoy it and nurture it.

10- Meditating. It really does do what it says on the tin, do't knock it until you've tried it, it calms me like nothing else can.

11- Going out early and coming home late. Spending a full day out and about even if i"m just walking around. I love just to be out and about.

12 - Passionate people. I love people with a fire in their belly and a real passion for whatever it is they love. Find your passion and throw all your energy into it.

13- Loving people. Sharing love is something so important in life, a hug from someone you haven't seen in a long time, a smile, and compliment from a stranger, giving a compliment to a stranger, greeting strangers, making friends. Share the love, theres no need to be grumpy and unfriendly.

14- Reading a whole book in a day. Being able to just sit and read is such a huge luxury that we shouldn't take for granted. It's so lovely to just get completely engrossed in a good story line and not want to put the book down.

15- Painting. I am a creative person and I love painting and I wish I could do more of it than I do. Something very freeing and satisfying about slapping some paint down on a big canvas and seeing where it takes you.

16- Listening to stories. From anyone. I love hearing peoples stories, its so important to listen, you might just learn a valuable lesson.

17- Flying. That moment when you're flying down to the place your going and you can just see the beautiful earth from such a height and get a full view of your next adventure. Excitement to the full.

18- Friends. Good friends make a boring day the most exciting day. When your with a good friend you can talk about anything and always find something to laugh about…

19- Laughter!! It's always good to laugh. It even burns calories! I think everyone should laugh every day.

20- Memories. Good or bad. Being able to look back and see how far you've come in your fruitful and beautiful life is amazing. All the things we've learnt, loved, lost, gained, experienced. They make us who we are, and that's what I love the most in the world. Our own unique stories.

What are your favourite things in the world?!
Grace x


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