The Power Of Instagram

Hi everyone,
Todays post is something a little different. Today I thought I would discuss how I feel about Instagram. You may have heard about Essena Oneil, who left all social media after realising how fake it was and who she had become, which wasn't herself. Today I thought I would share my view on Instagram.

Firstly, I would like to say that I don't disagree with Essena but I don't agree either. I think for certain people that is true that they take it too seriously and become a different person. But for me, and a vast number of people on the internet, Instagram is a way to express yourself, find yourself, explore creativity, photography and also remember memories. I like to use my Instagram as a virtual (aesthetically pleasing) memory book. If I do something nice I like to post about it, If I see something cool or go somewhere new, I'll post about it. It's a nice visual way to remember times.

For some people Instagram is their job. They get paid vast amounts of money to promote products or companies and get paid to do photo shoots and travel. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't love that job, but some people think that is fake. Obviously people don't live perfect lives and obviously people don't look like their latest selfie 24/7, but is that their fault or yours if you believe that? I think it's yours. You have to know before you start Instagram that it is superficial and all based on aesthetics, it isn't real life, but the events happening in the photos are. No life is not edited and filtered and posed, but thats just a way to represent a certain time, if it looks good and you had fun making the image, why shouldn't you post it?

For me, Instagram has been a place to express myself and find myself and my own style. If you scroll through my feed you can see all the phases I've been through, from pastels, to bright colours, to metallics, to indie to boho to minimalism to whatever I am now, I've expressed myself and who I am and what I like, some people don't like it and yes I have gotten hate on Instgram but the people that give me hate are boring people who try to conform and so I just laugh because I'm just being myself and if they don't like that then why should it bother me, most of the people I hardly know anyway, and so to be honest I don't give a sh*t about their opinion of me. But I have also come across some really creative people who have inspired me and I have inspired and we have a mutual respect for each other, often commenting on each others photos nice things, and to connect with people all over the world with similar interests as you is amazing and so inspiring. Instagram has let me express my own creativity and has nurtured my love of fashion, art and photography. Taking photographs is a passion of mine and led to the creation of this blog and my youtube channel where I started to love videography just as much. It has let me show my talents to the world and may help to create a professional brand in the long term since fashion is where I want to go. If I can get my name out there in the fashion industry now and start getting some noise then why wouldn't I? Instagram is the place to do it. I have also learnt so much from the platform, from photography ideas, fashion looks, and news in the industries, I have learnt lots and this is something I am grateful for, I always love to learn and if Instagram helps with that why wouldn't you use it?

I'm not saying Essena is completely wrong, but I've been nothing but myself on Instagram, and its already brought me amazing opportunities like going to London fashion Weekend from Henry Holland and having my art recognised by people like Charlie Barker, which yes I do like her but no I don't want to be her, I appreciate her art and fashion and love her style, that doesn't make me want to be her people.

Instagram has the power to change your life and it has for me which sounds dramatic but is true. If I didn't have the platform to share my style and work with the world I would probably be a lot more boring and less imaginative, if I could do it for a job I'd love to.
Its just a bit of fun, enjoy it, I don't see the need for negative energy. Its an exciting place where you never know who might find you, so don't take it too seriously and have fun with it.

I hope this was insightful,
I really enjoyed talking on the topic,
Grace x


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